Wonderful Chill Out Music Mp3 Download

Wonderful Chill Out Music Mp3 Download

Cool Chillout Music – Upbeat Instrumental Music

  1. Purple Nights Chillout Music Mix
    Siddo P Major


  2. Cafe Andaluz Lounge Music Mix
    Siddo P Major


  3. Beirut Café Lounge Music Mix
    Siddo P Major


  4. Romántico Spanish Guitar
    Siddo P Major


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Chillout music is loosely defined as relaxing popular music characterized by laid-back moods and relaxed beats. It is a sub-genre of ambient music and share similarities with lounge, downtempo, jazz and instrumental music, and gets its influence from new age, electronica and downbeat psychedelic music. Chillout music became popular in the 90s and was played at clubs and bars during after-hours as a counter weight to the upbeat dance music, as it created a relaxed atmosphere great for relaxation after dancing all night. At Music2relax.com you can play free upbeat instrumental music, that is uplifting happy background music and download cool chill out, ambient and lounge music mp3.
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A recurring music theme in chill out music is Ibiza, the Balearic Spanish island that for decades have been a holiday retreat for international club goers and fans of laid-back music. It was in Ibiza at the now infamous Café del Mar, at the beach front that chillout music was played during spectacular sunsets by legendary Dj Padilla. The music played in Ibiza’s notorious beaches was smooth and eclectic, using synthesizer, exotic Arabic instrumentals, guitar riffs and Latin percussion. Drifting soft vocals accompanied the mixes, like soothing English and sensual Spanish voices, was recurring features. The island is still very popular today as a party and chilling hotspot in the Mediterranean with cool upbeat instrumental music being played at every corner.

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Chillout music is usually very peaceful and mellow, excellent for leisure because it relaxes the body and loosen up any tension. Relaxing music for mind body and spirit can for the avid listener work perfectly as an antidote against stress and anxiety. All our music like for instance our
Buddha lounge music
with slow beats and its exotic ethnic influences from the middle east and India, or our positive upbeat instrumental music, are great sounds to uplift your spirit and change your mood and at the same time encourage deep relaxation. Relaxed vocals in English and other languages like Hindi, Arabic, French and Spanish are quite common features in this music style, including popular Arabic and Indian instrumental music. Jazz music originated from the United States and has its influences from African beats and European musical orchestra. The American pioneers did improvise a lot during the early years of jazz, it has changed through the decades and developed into many interesting sub-genres like acid jazz etcetera. This relaxed and smooth style of instrumental music is still quite popular today, especially in big American cities where you can hear smooth jazz music being played live in trendy bars. The emphasis in
ambient music
is on atmosphere and tone, over conventional musical structure, and usually it lacks structured melody and rhythm.
This popular music genre was developed in the United Kingdom with the use of synthesizers. In the 90s several musicians and artists further popularized and diversified this sensational music style with experimental sounds like space sounds and so on. Over the last decade ambient chillout music and laid-back instrumental music has gained a lot of publicity and exposure. The ambient music genre and its sub-genres comprising of mood altering and sensational music, has transformed a great deal. The non-conventional music structure and sound has affected how we perceive music as a contemporary art form and a new way to appreciate a wider variety of sounds. It has changed the way one listens to music in general, where the artist is not the one at focus but the sound itself is the reason one listens to it and how it effects the mind body and spirit after listening to it.

If you regularly play nonverbal slow music, the relaxed music can work as ‘music therapy’, like for instance relaxing mooddownload upbeat instrumental music
music and happy
upbeat instrumental music, can in a powerful way improve your overall health and wellbeing. Chronic stress over a longer period can weaken the immune system and that may lead to disease and infections. However, you can easily decrease high levels of stress by relaxing both mentally and physically to serene music. Easy listening harmonic sounds helps you to disconnect from a stressful lifestyle etcetera. The reduced stress levels in the body can also improve memory and cognitive thinking. Stress affect our sleep cycles negatively and we all need a good uninterrupted sleep to function normally. Playing for instance cool chillout music or soothing serene music, together with deep breathing exercises before bedtime will improve your sleep and help you to disengage from mental chatter and grant you a peaceful good night sleep. Another great benefit from music is that your heart rate will decrease due to relaxation, the slow beats positively affect the rhythm of the heart. A study conducted on music and its therapeutic value on hospital patients documented a decrease in heart rate when the patients were exposed to relaxing nonverbal music a couple of times a day. Playing ‘therapeutic music’ can therefore help to lower blood pressure and heart rate. The brain produces dopamine, the ‘feel good’ chemical that will enhance feelings of joy and happiness in your everyday life, thanks to the deep relaxation to laid-back sounds. Music therapy also give rise to positive thinking and energy, puts you in a better mood, and your sleep cycle and learning capabilities will also improve greatly.

We at
Music to Relax
offer you free ambient music, uplifting upbeat instrumental music and
chillout lounge mp3 music downloads
available only at this website. Our chill music and mixes work great as background music during dinner and house parties. Unique sounds for the individual who wish to unwind and relax to slow tempo music and be transported to an altered state of coolness and sensuality. We are dedicated solely to relaxing and easy listening music for relaxation, meditation and deep sleep. You can enjoy our many playlists and original mixes, read interesting music related blog posts and download mp3 music of the highest quality.

Wonderful Chill Out Music Mp3 Download

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