Where to Find Non Copyrighted Music

Where to Find Non Copyrighted Music

Non copyrighted music

for videos & commercial use

Non Copyrighted Music for Creators

Why so many creators are looking for non copyrighted music?

The majority of popular social media platforms, including YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram, use advanced copyright tools that actively flag and take down copyrighted content.

The creators turn to non copyrighted music for one simple reason – peace of mind.

Whether they upload videos to YouTube or stream live on Twitch, the creators want to make sure their videos won’t be muted or flagged for copyright violations.

What is non copyrighted music

If you’re making YouTube videos or streaming on Twitch then you are certainly familiar with the term “non copyrighted music”.

However, non copyrighted music may mean a different thing depending on who you ask.

Strictly speaking “no copyright” applies exclusively to public domain works with their copyrights expired. Or a modern recording whose authors decided to make it available under CC0 public domain license (creative commons 0).

Legally speaking, public domain music is the only truly copyright free music.

That’s probably note the answer you expected. Read on!

Most commonly non copyrighted music refers to any audio content that does not trigger copyright claim when used on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram.

Should I only use no copyright music in my videos?

non copyrighted music vlogging

It’s up to you.

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Provided you have the license or the permission of the owner, you can use any music.

Even if you have a license, you may get a copyright claim on your video. Remember, YouTube’s and Twitch copyright systems are automated and may not necessarily know about your license.

While our members can easily remove copyright claims, sometimes it’s still preferable not to deal with the claims at all. For example, if you’re a freelancer and making a video for a client.

This is when non copyrighted music becomes indispensable!

To save you time, we picked our most favorite non copyrighted songs. We’ve included a little bit of everything, like chill, lofi, cinematic action, intro, outro, hip-hop, dubstep, 80s, 8 bit, and more!

Non copyrighted music for YouTube

YouTube has one of the strictest copyright control systems called Content ID. That’s no surprise that many YouTube vloggers tend to use non-copyrighted music almost exclusively.

Here are some of our the best YouTube friendly non-copyrighted music:

Listen to more non copyrighted music for YouTube.

Non copyrighted music for twitch

Using music in Twitch videos and streams is a great way to keep your audience engaged. However, with the recent policy update, Twitch got very serious about copyright and ruthlessly mute non-compliant videos.

As they say in their own blog: “if there is copyrighted material in the content shared on your channel–and you have not received explicit permission to use that material from the rights holder, you are at risk of receiving a DMCA takedown notification”.

Below are some examples of non copyright music that is safe to use in both Twitch VOD and live streams.

Listen to more non copyrighted music for Twitch streams and videos.

non copyrighted music for intros

Using music in the intro part of your video is a great way to set the proper tone from the start. One of the common myths about using copyrighted music on YouTube or Instagram is that you can use any music if you only use 5 or 10 seconds. Unfortunately, copyright systems nowadays are very good at recognizing even a small portion of a song, so you can’t escape copyright claims by using short snippets.

Here are some of our best non copyrighted intros and outros for YouTube channels and short Instagram or TikTok videos.

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Listen to more royalty free intro and outro music music.

Listen to more short music intros for TikTok videos.

Listen to 20 best music intros for YouTube.

non copyright lofi / chillout music

Chillout and lofi music brings signature sound to many modern YouTube vlogs. As with most content uploaded to YouTube, the creators are vary about copyright claims and often opt for non copyrighted lofi music.

Listen to more royalty free chillout music.

non copyright action music

Epic action music works great in gaming videos or when streaming your games on Twitch and YouTube. Due to Twitch policy, it’s best to use non copyrighted action music to power up Twitch VOD and streams.

Listen to more royalty free epic action music.

non copyrighted relaxing music

Relaxing and ambient music works best in meditation and relaxation videos. Most creators involved with making meditational content monetize their videos on YouTube. Since copyright claims can disable monetization, many creators choose copyright free peaceful relaxation music as soundtracks for their meditation videos.

Listen to more royalty free relaxing meditation music.

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non copyrighted Hip-Hop urban music

Urban music is popular among vloggers and podcasters who create a wide range of modern or edgy content. Here are some of our picks of great non copyrighted urban and hip-hop music.

Listen to more royalty free hip-hop and urban music.

More non copyrighted music

We hope you were able to find something you like in the above examples. If not, here are some more non copyrighted music tracks off the beaten path, including genres like 80s, elevator music, dubstep, 8 bit, and more.

Listen and download more non copyrighted music.

non copyrighted music for vlog

Frequently Asked Questions about non copyrighted music

How to download non copyrighted music?

There are plenty of options to download non copyrighted music.

For once, YouTube has its own audio library with plenty of music and sound effects. However, be ready to hear the same soundtracks in plenty of other YouTube videos.

Learn more about how to use music on YouTube and avoid copyright claims.

Look around the Web. However, be careful and read the terms. Some music tracks may come with conditions like non commercial use or mandatory attribution.

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Finally, you can find thousands of non copyrighted music track here at TunePocket. Browse our growing catalog and quickly find the music you need by genre, mood, and tempo. All our music is cleared for commercial use, including YouTube monetization.

TunePocket Unlimited Music For Videos And Commercial Use SM

How can you find non copyrighted music on TunePocket

Simply check “No Content ID” filter in the search:

No copyright search filter

Where you can use TunePocket’s non copyrighted music

Almost anywhere!

You can use our non copyrighted music on YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, Facebook, in podcasts, presentations, on hold, and more personal and commercial projects.

Is non copyrighted music free to use?

No copyright music is not necessarily free to download and to use.

Public domain music is unconditionally free to download and to use.

Creative commons music is generally free to download but may come with certain conditions limiting it use. For example, you may be required to give credit or share your work under the same terms.

All other music (that have copyright owners but not registered with copyright management tools) may or may not be free to use. As a rule of thumb, check the conditions and the terms of any place where you download music, especially if you need music for commercial use.

See more frequently asked questions and answers.


“Non copyrighted music” is a relatively loose therm that may refer to public domain music, royalty free music, and music not registered with any copyright management systems, like YouTube’s Content ID.

Copyright free music isn’t necessarily free to use and most commonly refers to music that do not trigger copyright claims when used on social media platforms, like YouTube or Instagram.

In this post you find a collection non copyrighted music in a variety of genres, from lofi, to action, urban, relaxing, and short intros / outros that can be safely used in YouTube videos and Twitch streams.

Use TunePocket’s convenient “No Content ID” filter to find non copyrighted music.

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Where to Find Non Copyrighted Music

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