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To log in and start using Edpuzzle, you must starting time get online and register through its official website for an account. After the registration process, you can log in to Edpuzzle via the same website and kickoff using its features. Edpuzzle is an internet-based interactive learning platform for educators. It provides an easy way for teachers to appoint their students with videos. This free tool allows teachers to modify videos and apply them as learning materials either for online classes or assign them as homework for students.

Edpuzzle: A Quick Look

Edpuzzle can be all-time described as beingness like to a cloud-based video editing tool. What makes Edpuzzle unique is that its editing features were designed with educators in mind, allowing them to customize the videos for specific learning progression and objectives. Teachers tin can select from the millions of video lessons already uploaded on Edpuzzle. Teachers who have registered can use the videos already edited by teachers to use instantly every bit lesson materials or to alter and personalize them to help them connect meliorate with their own students.

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Teachers who want to utilize their own material can upload videos from website sources like YouTube, National Geographic and TED. They tin can customize the videos past calculation their ain voice-overs and commentaries, embed assessment questions for students or add together links to other related videos. Other features of Edpuzzle include curriculum-based content, functions to set up deadlines for homework and projects and even functions to restrict their students’ ability to fast-forward their assigned video lessons.

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As a determinative assessment tool, Edpuzzle also comes with features that brand information technology easier for teachers to track the progress of their students throughout the curriculum co-ordinate to their scores. The dashboard for teachers on Edpuzzle displays other data that include the length of time information technology took for a student to complete an assignment and their scores on the quizzes that are embedded on the videos.

Although all of these may seem nice and very helpful, why does Edpuzzle focus on videos? According to Edpuzzle, their emphasis on the use of videos as teaching and learning tools is based on a study that says 65 percent of students learn better with visuals and that 95% of students regularly view videos on YouTube. Edpuzzle is essentially empowering teachers to make the nigh of visual learning and let them track the progress of their students at the same time.

Co-ordinate to the website, Edpuzzle was launched in 2013. Teachers have since uploaded around 8 1000000 lessons to its video library that was accessed by 35 million students and with 70 percent of schools in the United States connecting with Edpuzzle in some fashion.

Signing up for an Edpuzzle account as a teacher is like shooting fish in a barrel and is similar to the usual registration process of most other membership websites. Subsequently the sign-up process, it is important for teachers to verify the email addresses that they have provided. This allows Edpuzzle to validate the teachers’ identity, protect their personal information and help them recover their account in instance any of them forgot their passwords. Edpuzzle will also apply the teacher’s e-mail addresses as a ways to inform them about any changes or upgrades in the arrangement.

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In some cases, some teachers who are signing up may also need to provide proof of parental consent. Some U.Due south. states and regional laws crave parental consent or consent from a child’s legal guardian before whatsoever institution or individuals can disclose a child’due south personally identifiable information (PII) to a third party. This ways that depending on the location of a teacher, he or she may need to provide proof of parental consent before inviting a student to an Edpuzzle classroom. Teachers may obtain proof of parental consent from their school or ask the pupil’south parents straight for it. Links to templates of parental consents and permission slips are available on the Edpuzzle website’s assist and support section.

Searching, Adding and Modifying Videos to Your Ain Library

After fulfilling all of Edpuzzle requirements, teachers can kickoff looking for videos and personalize them for their lessons. On their Edpuzzle dashboard, they can begin adding videos to their account past clicking on “My Content,” clicking “Add Content,” and and then selecting “Create Video.” Alternatively, they can browse for videos from any of the channels on the left side bill of fare to add together to their lesson library.

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If teachers from the aforementioned schools take used Edpuzzle in the past, teachers who accept signed up tin likewise use the same video materials by clicking on “My School.” Edpuzzle’s own channel, on the other mitt, shows an expansive video drove of lessons that have already been edited past other teachers. From this channel, you can notice videos that you can modify to suit your ain lessons. You can also upload videos that you want to use and edit for your lessons from Khan Academy, YouTube, National Geographic and other similar websites.

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Afterward finding a video or videos that y’all want to use, copy and paste it on the Edpuzzle search bar. Alternatively, you tin can add together Edpuzzle’s YouTube extension on your browser to add videos to your library easier. Once y’all have added the videos to your own library, you tin can start editing them to suit your online grade and assign them to your students.

Edpuzzle’due south How-to-Guides on its website provides like shooting fish in a barrel-to-follow tutorials to help teachers familiarize themselves with the many features of the tool. It will exist a adept thought for teachers to make use of these tutorials to brand the most of Edpuzzle’south features.

Log 1 5

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