I Was Going to

I Was Going to.

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I was going. vs I were going.

A consummate search of the internet has plant these results:

I was going. is the most popular phrase on the web.

More popular!

I was going.

218,000,000 results on the spider web

Some examples from the web:

  • I could be happier where
    I was going.
  • I neglected to tell anyone where
    I was going.
  • And I had no thought where
    I was going.
    I had no idea.
  • I had decided to leave anyway, even without Marina even without money, without any idea where
    I was going.
  • I but felt like I Knew where
    I was going.
  • Four years, three months and two days agone, I had no idea who the hell I was or where
    I was going.
  • I thought I knew where
    I was going.
  • Wait, I told work exactly where
    I was going.
  • Nobody at my station knew where
    I was going.
  • He said he wanted me to exist ready to leave town and non tell anybody where
    I was going.
  • Although this fourth dimension I had at to the lowest degree found a novel way of seeing where
    I was going.
  • The day I met yous on that railroad train, I didn’t know where
    I was going.
  • Basically, in spite of all the mirrors, I couldn’t see where
    I was going.
  • What I was, where
    I was going.
  • I walked the streets all that day, not knowing where
    I was going.
  • I’d walked away from Jim… didn’t really know where
    I was going.
  • When I couldn’t accept it any longer, I ran out of the subway station and walked wherever
    I was going.
  • I remember seeing it correct when I realized I had no idea where
    I was going.
  • I just didn’t choose to tell him where
    I was going.
  • I could but see a few inches in forepart of my face, so I literally didn’t know where
    I was going.

Some examples from the web:

  • January fourteen, 2010

    Afghan Whigs – If
    I Were Going. TruSvervegianFlower. SubscribeSubscribed Unsubscribe 191191. Loading… Loading… Working… Add together to …
  • “If
    I Were Going“. What should I tell her? She’south going to ask. If I ignore it, information technology gets uncomfortable. She’ll want to argue well-nigh the past. Nevertheless I think she believes me
  • Apr nine, 2014

    upwardly vote 0 down vote favorite. Is this judgement correct: If
    I were going
    to simply. grammar verbs tenses · share|meliorate this question · edited Apr …
  • Sep 25, 2011

    I were going
    to Antarctica, I’d become with my best friend. (I am not going to ….. Then, I would never say “I were” (going
    to the shop, having a nap, etc).

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I Was Going to

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