Free Fitness Images for Commercial Use

Free Fitness Images for Commercial Use

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    The 10 Best Sites to Download Free Fitness Images

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    Tips for Choosing the Best Free Fitness Stock Photos

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      Choose High-Quality Free Fitness Stock Photos
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      Choose a Relevant Photo
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    Closing Remarks

If you run a fitness blog or a fitness Instagram account, then you will need both good hashtags as well as high-quality images for your posts. Images grab attention, making the reader spend more time on your posts. Also, they will make your posts visually appealing, thus increasing engagement.

The problem is, most of the health and wellness images you will find online today are copyrighted. Reproducing them without the owner’s permission may lead to legal issues. At the same time, shooting your own photos from scratch may require you to spend thousands of dollars. And you may not have the budget for that.

Fortunately, there are hundreds of free stock photography websites, where you can download royalty-free fitness images. However, with so many sites to choose from, we know the process can be time-consuming and overwhelming for you. But, you don’t have to worry about that.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best sites to download free fitness images. Whether you are looking for free fitness images to accompany your social media posts or blog post, you will find what you are looking for here. We will also give you tips on how to choose the right stock photos for your project. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

1. The 10 Best Sites to Download Free Fitness Images

1.1 Unsplash

Unsplash is one of the most popular websites when it comes to stock photos. It features an extensive collection of high-quality fitness images, donated by talented photographers.

This stock photo site is constantly updating its images database. So, whether you are looking for health and fitness images or free wellness photos, there’s a high chance you will find an image that suits your posts. Unsplash also has a search tool, which you can use to find a specific fitness image.

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Also, Unsplash has an iOS app, which you can use to find free fitness pictures, directly from your iPhone or iPad. And like other stock photography websites, you don’t need to credit the photographer whenever you use a fitness image from this site. All health and fitness pics on the site are royalty-free.

1.2 Pixabay

Pixabay has a vast collection of free fitness features. Apart from free health and fitness pics, Pixabay also has a collection of vector graphics, illustrations as well as a few videos.

Once you’ve identified the ideal photo for your post, you simply need to select the right resolution and then download it. However, you will have to complete a Captcha before you download a photo on this site if you are on a free account.

Most of the fitness photos on this platform are free and legal to use. While the quality of photos on this website may be lower than that of Unsplash, the collection is considerably higher. If you can’t find a particular wellness photo on Unsplash, there’s a high chance you will find it on Pixabay.

1.3 Pexels

Pexels offers a great collection of free fitness stock images. Its fitness photos are sourced from almost all niches. From nutrition photos to bodybuilding photos, yoga images to Pilates photos, you can find almost any type of health and wellness image on this website.

And like most of the other stock photography sites, Pexels also comes with a search function, making it easy and fast to find whichever photo you are looking for. Pexel’s photo library features thousands of aesthetically pleasing images, making them ideal for any type of post.

1.4 PikWizard

PikWizard features thousands of free fitness stock photos, drawn from a diverse range of niches. The quality of the photos on this platform is impressive – which is quite unusual for a free stock images site. Also, the photos are not cheesy or generic.

PikWizard also has an inbuilt online photo editor. Therefore, you can change various aspects of the photos you intend to download, without leaving this website. Fitness images on this website are available under two licenses – creative commons zero (CC0) and free.

Under the CC0 license, the photographer has waived the photo’s copyright. On the other hand, a free license means the photographer retains the photo’s copyright. However, they have allowed the photos to be used by anyone without payment.

1.5 Shutterstock

Shutterstock is one of the leading websites when it comes to premium fitness stock photos, vectors, and illustrations for individuals and businesses around the globe. The platform has an ever-growing community of more than one million content creators.

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Every day, this website adds thousands of photos per day. Therefore, finding the right fitness photo to accompany your fitness Instagram post or blog post shouldn’t be a problem.

Currently, Shutterstock has approximately six million fitness stock photos, illustrations and vectors. Fitness images on this platform are available at a fee. But Shutterstock also offers a free trial.

Shutterstock also has an inbuilt photo editing tool. So, once you’ve downloaded a fitness image on this website, you can go edit it straight away, without leaving the platform.

1.6 is definitely worth checking out, if you are a fitness entrepreneur and you are looking for fitness images for your online store or your social media accounts.

Its photo library features a vast collection of high-quality photos, covering various niches in the health and wellness industry.

This website currently has approximately 350 royalty-free fitness photos. This collection of photos include running, weightlifting, cycling, yoga, rock climbing, and boxing, just to name a few.

All the fitness photos on this platform are free to download and use, for both commercial and personal use.

1.7 Burst

Burst is a free stock photo website, owned by Shopify. It library features hundreds of high-quality and high-resolution fitness images, taken by its global community of photographers.

The platform adds new high-resolution free fitness photos and images every week. Also, all the public domain fitness images on this platform are free for public use, both for personal and commercial use.

Burst also has a handy search feature, which you can use to find images and fitness photos by keyword.

1.8 Picjumbo

Picjumbo is another free stock photo website, launched in 2013, where you can download free fitness images for commercial use or personal use.

The site was created by photographer and designer Victor Hanacek, after all the other major stock photo sites rejected his photos, citing poor quality.

Currently, Picjumbo has a vast collection of high-resolution fitness images. Also, this platform has various social media design elements, available for free.

Fitness images on this site are easy to locate. They are usually displayed as collections, showing the same photo from different views. From there, you can then select the best fitness image for your project.

1.9 Kaboompics

Kaboompicks is also a great free stock photo site for fitness images. Its library has a collection of more than 200,000 photos. Therefore, it shouldn’t be hard to find a high-quality fitness photo for your socials or blog posts.

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Its stock photo license covers both commercial and personal use. So, if you are looking for free fitness images for commercial use, then you should check out Kaboompics.

Attribution is optional, though recommended. Kaboompics has both basic and advanced sorting options, making it easier to find the best fitness photo.

1.10 Negative Space

Negative Space gives anyone with a camera an opportunity to contribute to its photo collection. Therefore, you can expect to find a wide range of free fitness stock photos on this website.

And like other free stock photo websites, you can subscribe to the platform’s newsletter and get updates whenever new fitness photos are added.

The photos on this platform are refreshed frequently. So, make sure you keep re-visiting, in case you fail to find what you are looking for the first time.

2. Tips for Choosing the Best Free Fitness Stock Photos

Whether you are looking for free fitness stock photos for your website or for your fitness Instagram account, it’s important to ensure you choose the right one. You will need a photo that aligns with your audience. The free fitness stock photos that you choose should also engage your audience. Here are some basic tips for picking the best fitness stock photos.

2.1 Choose High-Quality Free Fitness Stock Photos

Quality matters when it comes to photos. So, if you choose blurry photos, you may end up turning off visitors from your social media pages or your site. Blurry or unclear stock photos will look unprofessional while devaluing your work.

Hence, you need to ensure you go for the highest quality fitness stock photos that you can find. And with hundreds of fitness stock photo websites out there, you simply have no excuse for using blurry photos.

2.2 Choose a Relevant Photo

The fitness stock photos that you download should be relevant to your project. For instance, if you are creating a blog post on your fitness website about yoga, then the photo you use should be yoga-related.

There are thousands of free stock photos available online. So, don’t try to take the easy way out and just choose a random photo. Instead, you should spend your time and get a photo that’s relevant to what you are posting.

Your options are almost endless when it comes to free fitness stock photos. So, whether you intend to use these photos for your fitness website, fitness Instagram page or any other project, you are all set.

Free Fitness Images for Commercial Use


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