2 M3 Gas Helium Bersuhu 27

2 M3 Gas Helium Bersuhu 27.

The adjacent generation M3/M4 is coming.

BMW’south high-performance M sectionalisation has been taking BMW 3 Serial models and fully realizing their sporting potential since 1986. Each M version of the iii Serial has gotten faster and more sophisticated, only the essential ingredients are the same: Take a basic model, upgrade the engine, rework the suspension, amend the brakes, meliorate the aerodynamics, add a limited-skid differential, then let it loose on the roads and racetrack.

The seventh generation BMW 3 Series has been with us for a while, which means information technology’southward fourth dimension to get excited about what should exist the fastest M3 model yet. At present that the ii-door 3 Serial has diverged in name to the iv Series, merely uses the same platform, that means the M4 is close every bit well. We’ve seen plenty of spy shots and details about the new models have leaked through, so it’due south time to put all that information together in 1 identify. This is everything we know, or suspect, about the 2021 BMW M3 and M4.


1. Codename: G80 & G82

The first BMW M3 was based on the E30 chassis code generation of the 3 Series. The concluding generation of M3 was the first to get its own chassis code and was designated as the F80 generation. That coincided with the introduction of the M4, which was designated F82 for the coupe model and F83 for the convertible. The new models also become their own chassis codes, and the 2021 BMW M3 is the G80 while the M4 is designated G82. The convertible’s code hasn’t been confirmed, but nosotros suspect nosotros wouldn’t lose our houses if nosotros bet on it being the G83.



2. A New iii.0-Liter Straight-Six

There’s no V8 engine for this generation, again, which will disappoint some. Like their predecessors, the new BMW M3 and M4 will be powered by a straight-half-dozen engine. The Thousand division’s S58 engine bound for the M3 and M4 is based on the BMW B58 engine that’south been effectually since 2017 and currently serves duty in the new Toyota Supra. In S58 guise, though, it gains a second turbocharger and, in the current X3 M and X4 M models, makes 473 horsepower and 442 lb-ft of torque. We wait like figures for the 2021 M3 and M4.



3. Await Fifty-fifty Higher Performance Versions

When Frank Van Meel was head of the BMW One thousand division, he revealed in that location would be 4 levels of the M operation cars. That will consist of the ‘bones’ M car, the Contest version, a CS (Coupe Sport) version, and the return of the legendary CSL (Coupe Sport Lite) model. We’ve seen BMW’south Grand division drop a more powerful Competition version alongside the standard model at launch with its versions of the X3, X4, X5, X6, as well as with the M8. For that reason, we wouldn’t be surprised to run into an M3 and M4 Competition announced at launch aslope the regular cars. Nosotros expect the power bump from the Contest version to take it over 500 hp and to compete directly with the V8 in the Mercedes-AMG C63 Southward.

The CS and CSL models will probably come later, with the CS version bringing more track prowess along with the extra power. Nosotros suspect the CSL would only come to the M4 as information technology is a hardcore lightweight version, and the M4 has already shed ii doors worth of heft.

4. At that place Will Be Manuals

BMW’due south Research and Development boss Klaus Frolich is promising manual versions of the side by side M3 and M4, and there are reports of them really being in the works, so we can safely say at this indicate manual M3 and M4 cars will be bachelor. The rumor factory has information technology that manual models with rear-cycle-drive will have the name “Pure” fastened to them and that they will be the base models. This brings us to a significant alter in the M3 and M4 lineup.



5. BMW Yard xDrive

The new BMW M5 and M8 got an all-bicycle-bulldoze system developed by the M segmentation. It’southward lighter than the usual BMW xDrive arrangement and features fully variable torque divide between the front and rear axles and tin even decouple from the front end axle entirely to get rear-wheel drive. Both the M3 and M4 are slated to arrive with the system and we know regular rear-bike-drive drivetrains volition still exist available. Notwithstanding, whether that will be the case on the CS and CSL models, we’ll have to wait and see.

6. No More than Dual-Clutch Transmission

Aside from the M2 and electric current M4, all other M models now have torque-converter automatic transmissions. It has been confirmed by BMW M boss Markus Flasch that the M3 and M4 will also have an eight-speed torque-converter. It seems the dual-clutch transmission’s days are numbered equally technology has defenseless up with the weight and shift-time reward it used to have over the more than traditional fluid coupling technique. As well as being as fast-shifting as dual-clutches, torque-converters are more than durable, then this is not bad news.



seven. BMW M4 Convertible Ditching Folding Hardtop

An issue with folding hardtop cars is the extra weight added by the machinery. We’ll have to see how that works out if reports are correct that BMW is planning on switching the retractable hardtop to a ability-operated soft top arrangement. What is likely, though, is that convertible M4 owners will benefit from increased trunk infinite and better ease of utilize, although they may have to put upwards with a picayune extra road noise.

8. The Oversized Kidney Grille

If you lot saw the pictures of the BMW Concept four from the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, it is possible yous may accept noticed the carbuncle of an oversized grille. In that location was a big outcry of horror from enthusiasts over the unsightly forepart stop of the car. Still, BMW has stuck past the preposterously large grille as a design determination with Senior Vice President BMW Group Design, Adrian van Hooydonk saying: “The BMW Concept 4 embodies the aesthetic essence of the BMW make. It combines perfect proportions with a clear and precise design.”

We’re hoping that BMW has found a way for the grille to piece of work with the new M4 design considering shots have leaked of what looks suspiciously like a pre-production model 4 Series sporting the buck-tooth monstrosity. We don’t like it, but we’ll be more than happy to eat our words if it works in the overall blueprint.

9. The BMW M3 and M4 Will Debut Subsequently This Year

BMW confirmed in a press release that the M3 and M4 would debut this yr. We doubtable it volition exist towards the finish of the yr as Flasch said that they would both go into production at the end of 2020 and make it to dealers in early on 2021. In that location’southward no discussion on price, but the at present-retired M3 last cost $66,500, while M4 however starts at $69,150. The M4 CS starts at $103,100, so that gives united states of america an thought of what to look in terms of a price difference for the even higher performance models.

2 M3 Gas Helium Bersuhu 27

Source: https://carbuzz.com/features/9-things-to-know-about-new-bmw-m3-and-m4

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